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Active Desktop Calendar 7.85 Build 090917+Keygen

Januari 7, 2011 Komentar dimatikan

Blends data with desktop wallpaper
Calendar, notes, tasks, alarms, contacts
Many recurrence patterns for notes/alarms
Interactive desktop interface
Fully customizable (icons, fonts, colors)
Data export/import/print (CSV, iCal)
Included preset calendars with holidays
Detects Tablet PC desktop orientation
Dual/multi monitor systems supported
Group calendar data in layers
Share data layers on a local area network
Direct connection with Outlook®
Google® calendar support
Automatic data backup
Many icons available for marking notes
Native 64-bit version available




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Total Stardock Application Suite (2009)

Oktober 31, 2010 2 komentar


Includes all Stardock apps/utilities/upgrades!
– Aquarium Desktop 2.0
– Aguarium Desktop Elements Packs 2 & 3
– Blog Navigator Pro
– BootSkin 1.05 + Upgrade
– Change SID
– ControlCenter 1.5 Enhanced
– Cursor FX
– Cursor FX Plus

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Mempercantik Tampilan Desktop dengan Aston Shell + 100 Skin

Oktober 22, 2010 Komentar dimatikan
















Aston is a shell replacement application, which gives you to get a completely new, powerful and easily configurable desktop, making your computing a more pleasant and productive experience.
Aston completely replaces your old desktop with a new one, providing numerous additional features and saving your computer’s resources for more necessary tasks. By installing Aston you get a lot more than just a fancy look, you get a more efficient way of using your computer.

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WindowBlinds v7.230 100% Work

Oktober 3, 2010 Komentar dimatikan

WindowBlinds is a one-of-a-kind utility that allows Windows users to completely change the look and feel of the Windows interface by applying a new skin. There are thousands of different skins to choose from that are freely downloadable from the WindowBlinds website. A WindowBlinds skin can change Windows to look like an alternative operating system, favorite sports car brands, favorite sports team, or virtually anything else. With modern video cards, WindowBlinds can do this without reducing performance. WindowBlinds 6 adds the ability to have “blurred glass” window borders on Windows XP which allows artists to make skins that could make Windows XP look virtually identical to Windows Vista.
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Soft Shines 3D [Animasi Wallpaper yg Membuat Dekstop Bersinar Warna-Warni]

September 17, 2010 Komentar dimatikan

Soft Shines 3D

Soft Shines 3D | Size : 0.76MB

Soft Shines 3D – Animated Wallpaper and Screen Saver


Soft Shines 3D it an animated wallpaper which will add a beautiful
shines on your wallpaper. It also a screensaver which will
relax you with soft shines on your screen.

This application works under Windows Vista and Windows XP,
and requires DirectX 9.

It is configurable to get the best performance from your
hardware configuration.

Keterangan :
Software yg Fungsinya Memperindah Dekstop,dgn Pancaran Animasi yg Berwarna Warni

DOWNLOAD link Idws

Windows 7 Sidebar 3 For XP & Vista

September 17, 2010 Komentar dimatikan

Windows 7 Sidebar 3 For XP & Vista


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Action for photoshop

September 17, 2010 Komentar dimatikan

untuk action5

Bwt para penggemar photoshop pasti udah kenal banget dengan yang namanya brush. nah selain brush, ada fitur di photoshop yang disebut dengan action.

  • Untuk Action 1

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